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Transport and storage

The packaging is designed to protect the product from the usual physical effects during transport. Be careful to avoid effects other than these.

The packaging of the product is not water, flame and heat resistant and only moderately pressure resistant. Therefore, do not keep the box in a humid environment, out of the reach of heat-emitting equipment, or place heavy objects on it.



The package consists of a box containing the device and its accessories.



  1. Open the box.
  2. Remove the product.
  3. Remove the retaining insert to protect the device.
  4. Remove the accessories below.

Contents of the package
1 tracking device
1 charger
1 charging cable
2 pieces of security screws and 1 piece of wrench
1 installation instructions

Installing the device

You can attach the device to the frame of the bicycle with the safety screws included in the package, as follows:

Application installation, access

In order to operate the device and other services based on it, the distributor provides mobile and computer applications in the subscription system. The PC program is accessible via a browser at, and you can install the phone application on your phone in one of the following ways:

For Android phones

  1. Open the Google Play app on your phone.
  2. Search for “Flexcom” or “Flexcom tracking” on Google Play.
  3. Install the tracking application.


  1. Scan the QR code shown here with your phone.
  2. Open the web address decoded from this.
  3. Install the Flexcom tracking application.

For iPhones

Use the browser on your phone to access the service (


Use of the product

User interface

A készülék csatlakozói és kezelő szervei a védőfedél alatt találhatók.

User interface

LED display statuses

LED Device status
Red Constantly lit Charging
Off Charged
Kék Constantly lit Satellite connection on
Flashes No satellite connection
Off Device in sleep mode or off
Zöld Constantly lit GSM connection on
Flashes No GSM connection
Off Device in sleep mode or off

Micro USB connector

Charging cable connector.

Charging the battery

The device is powered by a built-in battery, which needs to be charged at different intervals depending on the intensity of use.

The corresponding USB charging cable is included in the package. It is connected to the tracking device via a MICRO USB connector - if you do not use the factory cable, make sure that it is type-compliant!

Charging takes 2-3 hours, during which the LED indicator lights up red. When the device is fully charged, the light turns off.

When the battery is fully charged, disconnect the charging cable. The device does NOT have overcharge protection, so prolonged or continuous charging will shorten the life of the device or, in worse cases, damage it.

For the device with a voltage of 5V 1 Use a charger that provides current. Chargers with a higher capacity can damage the battery.

Switching on and off

The device switches on automatically when charged and runs continuously until the battery is discharged - it cannot be switched off.

After switching on, the device starts searching for GPS satellites immediately. If the appropriate satellite connections are available, positioning will be based on these data. If not, the device performs position calculation (LBS) based on the position of the transmission towers of the mobile service providers.

Normal operation of the device

Separate software is available for setting or adjusting the operating parameters of the device, for retrieving information or for using more advanced services (eg map route display, waiting and travel points, diagrams, timetable, etc.). This is provided by the distributor in the form of an application that can be downloaded on an Android mobile phone as part of a subscription system on a desktop computer and tablet browser.

To use the software, an active internet connection is required on your device (mobile phone, computer).


Setting options via the software

When using the desktop or mobile application of Flexcom Kft, the setup operations related to tracing can be accessed in the following ways.

The settings and commands that can be issued depend on the type of device. See the rest of this guide for information on options for this device.

When using a desktop application:

Select the desired device on the map or in the menu.

Click the Settings or Commands button to select the general setting or behavior you want.
Commands and settings for a desktop application

When using a mobile application:

From the application menu, select Map. Selecting Map option
Switch to the Tools panel. Switching to the Tools panel
Find your device in the list of devices and tap the Setup icon next to the ID. Selecting Setup
Select the desired setting or, when sending a command, select Commands. Select function


Control the device with SMS commands sent from a mobile phone

The device can only be operated via the services of the Flexcom tracking software, not with the help of independent SMS messages!

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