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How to use

The device has a built-in SIM card that can be used anywhere in the world, a strong battery and a rugged, waterproof aluminum cover that is resistant to external influences. With the help of the built-in motion sensor, you can receive an immediate alarm if the device or the bicycle is moved by unauthorized persons. It works continuously, it cannot be switched off. When discharged, it turns on automatically when the charger is connected.

The device can be mounted under the bottle holder of the bicycle with special custom safety screws manufactured by us. Communication is via the SIM card built into the device and the internet connection provided by the mobile service providers. The current position of the device, previous route, statistics, etc. are provided by the computer or mobile phone application we have developed.

The device is already set up and handed over ready for use. After commissioning, the device automatically connects to the GPS / BEIDOU and GSM networks (if available) using the satellite receiver and SIM card and starts collecting position data.

When switched on

  • The device continuously registers position data, which can be queried with SMS commands at a limited level.
  • The device sends the position data to the software service center - their processed results (eg map route display, list of route events, real-time tracking) - can be viewed in the phone or computer application.

You can find detailed information on the installation, use, maintenance and decommissioning of the device in the further sections of the documentation.

The device is protected by a safety label - it must not be disassembled, as breaking the insulation may damage the device and void the warranty. The built-in SIM card in your device cannot be replaced at home. If you wish to transfer the device to another person, please contact our customer service to make the necessary settings!

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