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Transport and storage

The packaging is designed to protect the product from the usual physical effects during transport. Be careful to avoid effects other than these.

The packaging of the product is not water, flame and heat resistant and only moderately pressure resistant. Therefore, do not keep the box in a humid environment, out of the reach of heat-emitting equipment, or place heavy objects on it.



The package consists of a box containing the device and its accessories.



  1. Open the box.
  2. Remove the product.
  3. Remove the retaining insert to protect the device.
  4. Remove the accessories below.

Contents of the package
ICAR IK121 animal tracker 1 tracking device
Screwdriver 1 screwdriver
Magnetic USB charging cable 1 magnetic USB charging cable
Nyakörv 1 collar
Installation instructions 1 installation instructions

Preparing the SIM card

As with mobile phones, a SIM card is required to operate the device. The device communicates with the mobile service provider's network via SIM card, SMS or mobile phone or PC applications.

You can purchase the card independently from your mobile service provider or, in the case of a software subscription, from your product distributor. If you received the SIM card from your dealer, you do not need to make any settings: the card is already set up, inserted in the device, switched on and ready for use.

If you have received the SIM card from your dealer, do not try to transfer it to another device (eg phone) and use it! The distributor (service provider) will reimburse the resulting costs or the correction of the resulting errors.

Settings for your SIM card

If you did not obtain the SIM card from your tracking device vendor, you must set it up before inserting and using it in the device, which you can do as follows.

Disable SIM card PIN and other functions

  1. Insert the SIM card in your phone.
  2. Among the setting functions of the phone
  3. turn off the PIN code request, auto-reply and call forwarding options.

After turning off the above, insert the card into the tracking device. See the next section for instructions on how to insert the SIM card.


Setting up data traffic

If you want to operate the device not only via SMS, but also e.g. If you use the software tracking service provided by your dealer, you must activate GPRS (Internet) data traffic and enter the appropriate network settings. To do this, you must send SMS messages from your phone to the phone number of the SIM card inserted in the tracking device, as shown in the table below.

The factory-set access password for the tracking device in the commands: 123456

Setting SMS content Device response
Turn on GPRS data traffic gprs123456 GPRS ok
Setting APN name apn123456 APN-name apn ok
APN names for domestic service providers: Telenor: online or net
Telekom: internet
- in case of subscription:
- in the case of a top-up card:
Digi: internet
If your mobile network provider has not provided you with an APN username and password, you do not need to send the following SMS messages to the tracking device!
APN username apnuser123456 APN-username apnuser ok
APN password apnpasswd123456 APN-password apnpasswd ok


Inserting the SIM card

Only nano-sized SIM cards can be used with this product.

Insert the SIM card into the device as follows:

Inserting the SIM card


  1. Unclip the cover.
  2. Insert the SIM card into the slot (make sure it is in the correct position and direction).
  3. Replace the cover.

Charging the battery

The device is powered by a built-in battery, which needs to be charged at different intervals depending on the intensity of use. Your phone's charger is suitable for charging, but you can also use the USB connection of a computer or energy bank. The appropriate charging cable is included with the device by the manufacturer. This is connected to the tracking device with a special magnetic connector, while at the other end you will find a conventional USB connector.

Charging the battery

Note that since in this case only the attraction of the magnets holds it together, the connection can easily separate. During charging, the LED lights up red. When the device is fully charged, the light turns off.

Charging takes 2-3 hours. When the battery is fully charged, disconnect the charging cable. The device does NOT have overcharge protection, so prolonged or continuous charging (eg connection to a vehicle battery) will shorten the life of the device or, in worse cases, damage it. For the device with a voltage of 5V 1 Use a charger that provides current. Chargers with a higher capacity can damage the battery.

Application installation, access

In order to operate the device and other services based on it, the distributor provides mobile and computer applications in the subscription system. The PC program is accessible via a browser at, and you can install the phone application on your phone in one of the following ways:

For Android phones

  1. Open the Google Play app on your phone.
  2. Search for “Flexcom” or “Flexcom tracking” on Google Play.
  3. Install the tracking application.


  1. Scan the QR code shown here with your phone.
  2. Open the web address decoded from this.
  3. Install the Flexcom tracking application.

For iPhones

Use the browser on your phone to access the service (


Using the product

User interface

The device has an on / off button, a microphone, a speaker, a magnetic charger connector and an LED display. The latter provides information about the operation and current status of the device.

User interface

Power button

Button to turn the device on and off.

LED display statuses

Indications related to the status and operation of the device in green, blue or red.

Color On Flashes Off
Green GSM / GPRS connection is active. No GPRS connection. Device off or in sleep mode.
Blue Satellite connection is active. No satellite connection. Device off or in sleep mode.
Red Charging. Charged.


The device is able to detect ambient sounds and noises within a few meters and transmit it to the owner's phone.


The owner can stream sounds from his phone to the device or its media.

Switching on and off

The button responds by holding down for a few seconds, in which case the LED display flashes green.

Starting the device Time required
Cold 35-80 secs
Warm 35 secs
Restart immediately after turning off 1 sec

Operating time

The device is set at the factory to be so-called at rest. Switches to “sleep” mode. In this state, its operating time is approx. 7 days. It switches from sleep mode to operating mode (“wake”) in the event of an external influence (eg movement, vibration) or an SMS / TCP message. For use with software, the operating time also depends on how often the device has been sent.

Frequency of data transmission Operating time
Every 5 seconds ? hours
Every 10 seconds ? hours
Every 1 minute ? days
Every 1 hour ? days

If the device is operated with SMS commands, the operating time is affected by the frequency of issuing the commands (ie forcing the device to respond).

Normal operation of the device

The device can be operated in the following ways:

  1. using the software service provided by the distributor and the SIM card together, in addition to the software service provided by the distributor but using his own SIM card, or
  2. without the service provider's software service, with your own SIM card.

The service provider provides a SIM card for the tracking device only if you subscribe to the software service. In the case of unsolicited use of the software, the user must provide the appropriate card with a data traffic limit (also).

With Distributor Software and SIM Card

In this case, you can receive the device in the ready state, no further settings are required to use it.

Separate software is available for setting or adjusting the operating parameters of the device, for retrieving information or for using more advanced services (eg map route display, waiting and travel points, diagrams, timetable, etc.). This is provided by the distributor in the form of a downloadable application on a desktop and tablet browser on an Android mobile phone as part of a subscription system.

To use the software, an active internet connection is required on your device (mobile phone, computer).

The software stores and processes the data sent by the tracking device to the service provider's center, from which the graphical and textual information is generated. Using the software triggers (sometimes very expensive) SMS and voice call communication with the device and provides tracking and security services that go well beyond the basic functions of the device.

After launching the application in a browser or phone:

  1. In the login window, enter the username and password you received in the email from the distributor or registered on its website.
  2. In the interface that appears, select Help and review the information for using the software.
  3. Software management information is available in its help.

With Distributor software but with own SIM card

After setting up and inserting the SIM card as described in the setup chapter, you must register the card. To do this, contact your software service provider (device vendor). From now on, the operation of the device is the same as described in the previous chapter.

Without software, with own SIM card

If you have subscribed to the reseller's software service, DO NOT use the standalone SMS communication method because

  • redundant (the software has all the functions needed for tracking and settings),
  • the software provider charges a separate fee for the possible elimination of possible operational anomalies caused by SMS commands,
  • if you use your own SIM card in the device, SMS will incur extra costs,
  • if you use your service provider's SIM card, your service provider will reimburse you for the cost of the SMS.

If you do not use (have not subscribed) to the software service provided by the dealer, you can only use the basic functions of the device - by sending SMS messages from your mobile phone to the phone number of the device's SIM card.


Setting options via software

When using the desktop or mobile application of Flexcom Kft, the setup operations related to tracing can be accessed in the following ways.

The settings and commands that can be issued depend on the type of device. See the rest of this guide for information on options for this device.

When using a desktop application:

Select the desired device on the map or in the menu.

Click the Settings or Commands button to select the general setting or behavior you want.
Commands and settings for a desktop application

When using a mobile application:

From the application menu, select Map. Selecting Map option
Switch to the Tools panel. Switching to the Tools panel
Find your device in the list of devices and tap the Setup icon next to the ID. Selecting Setup
Select the desired setting or, when sending a command, select Commands. Select function


Control the device with SMS commands sent from a mobile phone

The factory-set access password for the tracking device in the commands: 123456


General settings

Function Description SMS message Device response
Administrator phone number After setting the administrator's phone number, the tracking device only accepts certain commands in SMS messages from that number. The command - given the password - can be issued from any phone.

admin123456 telefonszám
Example: admin123456 00361234567
Use to enter the phone number
country code prefix (eg 0036, Hungary).

Admin Ok
Server setup If you use your device through a computer service, enter the address of the server that receives the data. The command can only be issued from the administrator phone.

IP url port
Example: IP 8012

Set IP Ok
Setting time zone The device default time zone is set to GMT + 0. This is changed (eg in the case of Hungary, the time zone is GMT + 1), as follows.

timezone123456 value (where value: pl. +1, -2, 0 etc).
Example: timezone123456 +1

Time Ok
Frequency of data transmission Frequency of data submission in case of data collection on a server. The command can only be issued from the administrator phone.

upmovejelszó seconds
Example: upmove123456 30

Voice monitoring Turn on the monitoring of ambient sounds and noises (microphone reception). The command can only be issued from the administrator phone.


Monitor Ok
Initialize satellite connection Search for satellites. The command can only be issued from the administrator phone.


GPS reset Ok
Restart the device You can also switch the device on and off (restart) from your phone. The command can only be issued from the administrator phone.


Reset Ok
Turn off the device remotely You can also turn off your device from your phone. The command can only be issued from the administrator phone.


Poweroff Ok
Checking the device Retrieve device status information. The command can only be issued from the administrator phone.


Data set characterizing the operating status of the device.
Factory default setting Reset the device to factory settings. The command can only be issued from the administrator phone.


Sleep mode The device - e.g. to save energy, you can switch it to sleep mode. There are two versions of sleep mode:

  • timed mode: wake up to any command or voice call and then return to sleep mode after 5 minutes, or
  • “Shock” mode: waking up to external influences (eg vibration) and then returning to sleep mode after rest. This mode should be used, for example, while driving.

In sleep mode, satellite communication is paused, and the mobile network connection operates at a basic level.

Activation in timed mode:
SMS: sleep123456 time

Activation in "shock" mode:
SMS: sleep123456 shock

To deactivate any sleep mode:
SMS: sleep123456 off

Sleep time Ok, Sleep shock Ok or Sleep off Ok.
Switch GPRS mode (data traffic) on and off The GPRS data transfer mode is switched off by default in the device (GSM mode is active). If you use tracking software, the GPRS mode must be turned on.

If you have purchased the device with a software service subscription from the dealer, the GPRS mode is already activated!

SMS: gprs123456

SMS: nogprs123456



Query the position of the device

Description SMS Device response
The following command returns a Google Map link, which, when clicked (or tapped), displays the map with the device's indication on it.

SMS: G123456#

or with LBS-based positioning

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