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How to use

You can use the device after charging, inserting the SIM card, and setting it up via SMS or a mobile phone or PC application. The device automatically connects to the GPS and GSM networks using the GPS receiver and the SIM card (if available) and starts collecting position data, which can be queried using SMS or an Internet application. To use the features of your device, you need a SIM card, similar to a mobile phone. The device communicates with the mobile service provider's network via SIM card, SMS or mobile phone or PC applications.

After inserting the SIM card and charging the battery, you can make the necessary settings by sending an application or SMS (eg entering the device ID name, frequency of sending GPS position data, etc.).

When switched on

  • The device continuously registers position data, which can be queried with SMS commands at a limited level.
  • If you have a software subscription, the device sends the position data to the software service center - the processed results (eg map route display, route event list, real-time tracking) - can be viewed in the phone or computer application.

The subscription software provided by the distributor for the device greatly expands the range of features of the device. These extensions are only available in the mobile or PC application.

You will find detailed information on the installation, use, maintenance and decommissioning of the device in the following sections of the documentation.

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