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TKSTAR TK905b-4g-lte


Vehicle, person, package, ship tracking device

Product Description

The device combines several functions of accurate positioning, safety, monitoring, emergency alarms and full tracking. It supports SMS / GPRS / Internet data transfer functions and can be widely used in many areas of location-based services, traffic safety and management.

Based on its design and mounting, the device is designed by the manufacturer for multi-purpose use and is suitable for tracking land, water, aircraft, persons or packages. The magnetic mounting option also allows for quick and stable mounting on a metallic surface. The operation of the device is based on the GSM / GPRS network and GPS satellite positioning and can be tracked using SMS messages or an Internet application.

Settings that affect the operation of the device can only be changed from another device (smartphone, computer) using the appropriate application or SMS commands - so users can be sure that the device always works according to the parameters they specify.


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