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Yixing YA23 tracking smart watch


Person tracking smart watch

Product Description

Smart watches are no longer just for adults. Today’s kids are growing up in the world of computers, tablets, the internet and many more information and entertainment devices and services. Technology has been a part of their daily lives from the beginning - it’s a very different environment than we lived in 10 or 20 years ago. Some parents encourage their children to be more active, to orient themselves, to play sports. Others want to know where their children are going, whether they are safe, or want to contact them at any time. The product of your choice can meet all of these needs - keeping in mind both the needs and abilities of the children and the expectations of their parents.

The manufacturer has primarily designed this GPS smartwatch with large control buttons to track children, which allows you to check the wearer's position remotely on your mobile phone without disturbing him. With the help of the SIM card in it, you can call the GPS tracking watch in the same way as a mobile phone. It has a built-in microphone and speaker, GPS and GSM antenna, blood pressure and heart rate monitor. The device can be operated with the SIM card of any GSM service provider.

Settings that affect the operation of the device can only be changed from another device (smartphone, computer) using the appropriate application or SMS commands - so users can be sure that the device always works according to the parameters they specify.


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