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The Global Navigational Satellite System (GNSS) is a worldwide navigation system consisting of satellites and their associated ground stations.

The essence of how GNSS works is that we can pinpoint our position if we have a receiver. Such a (tracking) device can be installed in vehicles, among others, cell phones, watches, and almost any device, among others. Using it, we can not only determine our exact position, but even track the movement of a vehicle, person or package.

Major countries and regions of the world have developed satellite systems in their own development, such as the American GPS, the Chinese Beidou, the Russian Glonass and the Galileo created and operated by the EU. Newer tracking devices can now work with several of these.

The tracking devices we sell

The devices purchased from us are already delivered and ready for use. Continuous tracking requires internet or mobile internet, SIM card and software, which you can also order from our web store.

General information about the devices and their use:

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