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Our self-developed bicycle tracking device: Flexcom FB222

According to surveys of recent years, 35% of the population in Hungary ride a bicycle at least once a week. Most of them do it for transport reasons, a small part for sports and entertainment. A quarter of the population goes by bike to work, shopping or doing business. 7% of Budapest residents and 24% of rural residents cycle every day - and these numbers are constantly growing.

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2021/05/12 12:57

Anti-theft or stolen vehicle detection

Vehicle theft is one of the fastest-growing crimes in the world, as thieves already have very advanced tools, such as signal jammers. By shielding GPS and GSM networks, criminals seek to disrupt and impede the operation of tracking devices, data collection and transmission. However, many of the modern tracking devices have capabilities and features that can detect such interventions and help prevent theft or locate the stolen vehicle.

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2021/02/28 13:56
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