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Satellites and satellite systems

Wifi based positioning

Thanks to our IT and telecommunications tools today, we use their location services on a daily basis. The best known positioning system is GPS. In the GPS system, the location of our device (mobile phone, computer, tracking device, etc.) is determined using satellites. The basis of this is the communication and data supply between our device and the satellites - on the other hand, it is a condition that our device “sees” the satellites, there must be no extinguishing medium between them.

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2021/12/14 11:27

Satellite positioning

The Global Navigational Satellite System (GNSS) is designed to solve the functions of positioning, navigation and timing using artificial moons.

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2021/02/28 13:56

Geocode, geocoding

A geocode is an identifier of an area or area-dependent object, possibly a group of objects, that allows the relationship between the areas or objects and the property values ​​associated with them.

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2021/02/28 13:56
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