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Flexcom tracking software provides services that allow you to determine at any time where the object being tracked (vehicle, machine, person or animal) is, where it is heading, what route it has taken, when and where it has stopped or started. All this can be tracked on an interactive map, the related information can be displayed and queried in text form - even retrospectively, for an arbitrarily defined period of time. In addition to the basic functions, routes can also be planned and compared with the routes actually taken.

The software works with a variety of GPS devices, from devices designed and installed on objects to specially designed watches, collars, and other portable devices designed for humans or animals. No special expertise or custom computer software is required to operate the devices and use the map service - any average computer, tablet or smartphone is suitable as long as it has an internet connection.

For more information, please see our detailed description of the desktop or mobile application.

The software is available to all our customers in both desktop and mobile versions.

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